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There are literally hundreds of research firms you could contact. What makes us different?    More importantly, what does that do for you?


Boundary spanners - we have marketing research and organizational psychology expertise.  We  identify gaps between customer attitudes and employee/corporate issues and help you align your corporate strategies with customer needs and market demands. Sometimes the gaps are between functional areas in your organization - we're able to find the common ground and language to poke holes in the "silo's."

Value-driven - we don't shoot flies with bazookas. We design projects to maximize your ROI (return on information). We'll look for ways to leverage what you already know or utilize research you might have on hand, even if that means scaling back your original project and our revenues.

High touch - we actually talk to people.  Technology has created incredible efficiencies in data collection and information dissemination, but we are convinced that face-to-face and voice-to-voice interactions are essential for learning about and understanding your customers and employees.  We can do high-tech, but we like to listen, too.

We offer

Turnkey services - we have expertise across a broad range of methods.  You don't need to go to multiple places for secondary research, indepth interviews, or online surveys.  This simplifies your life and we can maximize our joint learning across projects.

Pragmatic rigor - we've been in your shoes.  While our Ph.D.'s reflect solid training in research methods and statistics, decades of our learning has occurred as employees in corporations.  We worry as much about your budget and timeline as we do about measurement error and statistical significance.

Process consulting - we want you to be in charge of your future. The power to change and grow your organization is within your organization.  It is our job to identify and illuminate factors that facilitate or hinder your progress. Helping organizations understand their internal and external enviroments should increase their ownership of their future not increase dependence on consultants.

We're not about

Cranking out more data that sits on your shelf or hard-drive.  We're about providing meaningful, rich information that helps you move your organization forward.  We worry less about snazzy binders and Powerpoints and more about the real-time actionability of your research.

Making money at your expense.  We're about providing our clients with the most research bang for their buck.  We've recommended against research that doesn't add real value to our client's knowledge base.

One-shot wonders. We're about long term relationships.  The vast majority of our clients are repeat clients, some we've worked with for decades.  We'd like to build that relationship with you.



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