Organizational and Marketing Research


When you do all the talking you only learn what you already know.

When was the last time you listened? Really listened to your customers? your employees? your suppliers? your shareholders? your community?

Whose voice is driving your decisions about products and services? 

Do you really understand stakeholder needs, expectations, perceptions, and attitudes in a dynamically changing world?

Are you learning anything new? Something that propels you forward?


Sikora Associates offers a full range of custom research services to help organizations LISTEN to and UNDERSTAND internal and external stakeholders so their voices drive your decisions and success.

Organizational research helps you tap into the creative energy of your workforce.  Employee engagement assessment, corporate identity alignment, organizational change readiness, and merger/acquisition cultural due diligence leverage the potential of your workplace initiatives.  

Marketing research helps you anticipate and respond to the evolving needs of your customers and other stakeholders.  Customer engagement measurement, corporate image assessment, competitive intelligence, and new concept testing initiatives keep you from talking to yourself. 

Integration research bridges the gap between internal and external voices.  Your culture, employee attitudes, and business processes directly and indirectly influence your interactions with external stakeholders. And, of course, your external stakeholders directly and indirectly impact your employees' attitudes, business processes, and productivity.  We help you understand how these internal and external influences can be better aligned so voices are resonating rather than shouting over or at each other.


Helping organizations understand...

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